Thursday, November 26, 2009

the end of a term

assignments ended. *yes!*
holidays started.
4 months.
4 freakin months.

stuff to do:
roadtrip with the Berries! (bold for emphasis)
finish at least 2 books.
get better at dancing somehow.
learn the guitar.
volunteer somewhere.
find cash somewhere. (laptops don't come free :( )
visit people i neglected.
visit people that neglected me. :(
mountain, at least one.
and finally sunbath on the beach. (bagan lalang don't really count cause i didn't play with seawater)

my desktop died, again. i think its permanent this time. fuck it. i don't care what mum says i am buying myself a laptop by the start of sem2. my nikon can wait.

the problem with facebook is it complicates things.

hmm yeah..

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