Wednesday, November 11, 2009

the church of Satan

i think Satan is pretty cool. He's like God's wildchild y'know.
i don't give a fuck about Satan. He's Red.

You know there's a Church of Satan? They have a Bible and everything. Marilyn Manson is like the pastor or sth.
Fuck that. You know why these people worship Satan and stuff like that, because they are bored. Because they are bored and have nothing better to do.

live simple. Fuck That.

he's tired of smoking. he's actually complaining about smoking. woohoo!

whats with the guy with the sunglasses eating cake at 12am?
the only reason people wear sunglasses at night is because their pupils are dilating.
now that makes sense. or else they are just retards.

caffeine rush. caffeine rush.

I can't get you people nowadays, too excited for everything.
overexcited People and birthdays, cakes and picture he's talking about.

lay back, laid back.

all we want to do is travel.

fuck Brazil, lets go to Argentina.


naVid said...

its the same story with love maybe ! people are just bored !

Victor Tan said...

Satan is actually a fallen angel who got red-carded from God. I knew that fact for a very long time. They got their own church, they even got their own bible.

Ever heard of Bohemian Grove, btw and the New World Order thingy (the 1 Dollar A$ bill seal)? You'll be surprised to find out that this world is slowly being sold to the Devil if you continue to research the facts deeper.

Victor Tan said...

*btw = by the way,

sorry, sentence error

happy.pig said...

yep yep i know that. i read about lucifer and all.

i dont think the fall of mankind is due to the devil though.

Wayne. said...

oh no no the world is being sold to the Devil

happy.pig said...

thats a very christian belief. u guys can debate about that, i'll stick to my karma and 7 layers of hell.

Wayne. said...

the world being sold to the devil isnt anymore christian than mcdonalds and the carnegie medal