Friday, January 9, 2009

will i be remembered when im back?

so apparentlly no one misses me (except Dharma) while im here, spending new years eve alone, and missing all of you, NOT GETTING AN UPDATE ON WHAT EVERYONE IS UP TO!

what the hell man! my besties didnt even bother!

i dont know what going on at home,
i dont know whats going on with all of my friends......

oi people, i miss all of u ok,
drop me a line,
SKYPE MSN FACEBOOK yada yada yada....
update abit.

can die ok.

later i come back no more klang friends no more sunway friends how?

and this is only the 2nd and a half week im here.

i havent talk to mum in a weeekk!!!!!!

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Dharma! said...

Dont be sad k,i'm sure everyone misses you.Its hard to be away from home(trust me i kn:)),but this new experience will do you good! Never feel disconnected from home,home doesnt need a voice,home is within you and your imagination.Your dreams and such. Though people may sumtimes neglect msging,they'll still think about you rite? you are still remembered,i'm sure of that.

So be happy k,and kn that you are missed 2,and people are waiting for you to come back and hang out again and share stories! Be Happy;) (i want to taste you cooking,appears to be scary hehehe) ps:hope this helps