Sunday, January 11, 2009

where's the lanterns?

so apparently, i just learnt that chinese new year is in 2 weeks.
what the hell?

its still so christmasy here! i dont mean only the snow,
but roadside pine trees are still covered in lights,
christmas lights are still glowing,
and the fake presents are still sitting cozily under the christmas tree.

where's the red?
where's the smell of new yaer cookies?
the glaring, almost noisy, but never annoying new yaer songs?

oh wait, they dont celebrate chinese new year here.

at least we have enough of chinese people to wish each other happy bull year! hahaha

4 of us, exactly.

2 malaysians (the only 2 in this town my bro and i !)
1 china chinese
and another from hong kong.

so if you think Sunway is culturally diverse enough, you should see here.
Argentinians, Peruvians, Koreans (as always), Mexicans, Uruguayians, Argentinians,
Indians, South Africans (cute white ones!), Slovenians, Romanians, Americans (duh), Chinese, Indonesians, Jamaicans, Philipinnes, MORE Argentinians etc etc etc...
(many here with smiliar work/travel/internship visa as mine... and many of us are we're working together in the hotel! )

spanish speaking latin americans, EVERYWHERE! i hear more spanish then english sometimes it gets annoying! when they start talking, they dont stop to breath!

pretty soon i'll know people from all over the world!

odd enough i seem to be gravitating towards the argentianians.. and sometimes they start speaking to me in Spanish! and i have to remind them : PEOPLE! I DONT SPEAK SPANISH!

it'd be cool if i can though.

but its really cool when i wow people (like everyone here the americans argentianians yada yadya yada) with the fact that i can speak so many languages.

they;re like "your english is very good"
and im like "ohh we speak english at home!"
"really? what languages do you all speak!?"
and i explain mandarin. english, malaysian, cantonese, Fujian (they dunno what is hokkien), there's also tamil bla bla bla... english is widely used bla bla bla....

an american friend even asked me and my bro "why do you speak english to each other?"

hehehe.. cool.


Dharma! said...

Sharwinds gonna be so sad when u find sum latino dude over there..pity him la mei,why u leting him down like tis.... hahahaha,i wonder if u'll bring abit of the States back with you subconsciously

happyPig~ said...

yea you'll here me talk in spanish -.-

i wont get an american accent or whatever la chill. lol.