Sunday, January 25, 2009

no plan is the best plan

i have been inspired.
thanks to Casey, some random guy i met at the bus stop the other night.
thanks to the Lonely Planet book, that led me to met that random guy on a random night.


this is what im gonna do one day, and it's on my 100ThingsToDoBeforeIDie list. *note list on your right*

im gonna take a month of work / study.
im gonna earn lots enough of money
(reality of life).
im gonna kidnap my mum/bro's car
im gonna travel, around malaysia.

with nothing,
no plans,
no schedule,
but with a Lonely Planet Malaysia as a guide, a car, and friends.

a road trip across our homeland,
and we'll go wherever, whenever, and do whatever.
we'll go to ipoh because we crave for TauGe Ayam,
and the next day drive to Langkawi for some beach action.
Head on to Pahang for some sunrise on the mountain when we're bored,
and speed across the Penang Bridge the next day just because we haven't sit a Beca in a while.
we'll spend nights in cars, and make it our little mobile home,
dance on the street if we're low on cash......
thats what i'll do,
a no restrictions, no reservations road trip across Malaysia.

even if im 50, old, saggy and retired i'll make sure this road trip dream will happen when im 51.


Dharma! said...

You're definately a kindred spirit,fantastic idea.I may go backpacking in australia after cimp,just for 3 weeks or a month.Always wanted 2,if that tak jadi,we make this trip of yours work(if you want a combined effort:).Its not that hard to do you kn,did it before,you dont need much cash also,everything can be shared and can just stay in backpackers lodges.Lets go camp in taman negara one day hahaha

mcwhen said...

er... who's all the "we" you are referring to? You mean the random guy is going wid you? Pass boh? Got ask mommy or not?