Thursday, January 1, 2009

Home away from Home Ep 1

Episode 1 : it Begins

here you go, 4 minutes worth of crap.

but if you care/love for me enough,
you'll watch all 4 minutes and let me know what you think about it!
because it took me 10 freakin hours of tension and pek chekness to upload this! the bad quality is the only way it would upload.

my first vlog yo! done in the middle of the night.. and the only reason i vlogged was coz i was too lazy to type, i couldnt sleep, and i wanted talk! haha.. i actually find this vid embarrasing but who cares la..

anyways, enjoy~

did i mentioned i missed my flight? i missed my flight from seattle to denver but all's well now!

happy 2009 everyone! :D
*fireworks* *fireworks*


Dharma! said...

Glad to hear your doing well,you look well also.Happy New Year by the way,unfortunate that you have to work on the first though! I like the ending to your video,the fast forwarding and the song. Nice nice! sharwind missing you,fine la i miss u 2 la,abit haha.I look forward to seeing you when u get back and taking my my stolen England band! nice vid,cheers! i belanja you makan when u come back!!

happyPig~ said...

dharma!!! OMG!! i misses u n wind too! how is everyone doing!! im so giving u my hp number when i get it and u guys have to update me on everythign and everyone OK!!!!

hhaha thanks for likin hte vids, so far you're the only one who recognized the fact that i made a video.

screw everyone else!:P

Dharma said...

lolz yeah!! make more,better to see sumone talking then just a bunch of lines rite? ppl get more nostalgic! yes! give me ur num when u get it,i will call u and check up on u,get ready to tell me a story!!!

~hApPy~ said...

thats lots of transit.
i transited in narita,tokyo too on my way to Vancouver!! >.<

happyPig~ said...

haha.. yeah but narita is kinda small!