Sunday, January 18, 2009

i <3 milo

better then hot chocolate,

Made in Malaysia (i checked!),
found in Walmart,
under the Vietnamese section.


Dharma said...


Anonymous said...

Ah so this is the picture!!! You look hot,serious.Mei is sexay!! sharwind and daniels gonna flip when they see this pix.
PS:It really is a nice picture,take more shots like this,dont take all those typical facebook shots.Shots like this show that your an artist;)

happyPig~ said...

who the hell are u woi?
what are typical facebook pictures? i don think i have lots of those. lol

Dharma! said...

Dharma la,i forgot to put name.Yeah you dont have a lot of typical facebook pictures.Mei Sexayyyyyyyyyy.
(why alway i the only one comment on ur blog;(

happyPig~ said...

damn sad right? hahhaahha its okay im happy that u comments! it makes my day :)

Dharma! said...

Haha sweet