Wednesday, October 21, 2009

human limitations at the 40th hour

40.5 hours and no sleep at all.
havent felt like this in a while, the out of body feeling coz due sheer tiredness.
I spaced out so much when i was driving home I scared myself silly. one second im concentrating on the road, another im like dreaming, and then i become aware of my suroundings again and went like "eh. got car besidesm;

i just spaced out again.

human limitations. now i know why sleep is so important.

sweet dreams.


Dharma said...

i love that feeling, allows me to let go and think and write. ITs the natural high...

happy.pig said...

so tired im high!

XtasyM said...

i dont think anyone will like to break king han's record of 48 hours... WTF

sleep is my 1st priority :P

happy.pig said...

i cannot!! king han shall remain king! hahaha!!