Saturday, September 26, 2009

Suku Surpise!

T'was suppose to be a heartwarming story about a pack of 6, adventuring into the land of Gunung Suku. A much needed and long overdue moutain getaway it was, for me at least. Beads of sweat rolling down my chin one at a time; hands swipping at my arms, feet and face every few minutes (we confidently forgot aoubt insect repellent). It was bound to be a heroic tale as we slayed deeper into steep lands, with the harmonious symphony of birds singing in the backgroud, sound of our thumping hearts in our ears, and the rustling leave under our feet serenading us. It was really all that and more! for the first hour of the trek at least. Just when the going was getting tough, the tough stopped, abruptly. Our 4 hours escapade to the peak was cut short when one of us was not well. and i was just starting to rejoice in the pains and glory of a neglected hobby.

We stopped for mountain made Portobello Mushroom Pasta and sausages. Yes, they really do spoil us.

Are you joking!? You guys drove all the way to Camerons for an abandoned trek? You must be asking. But no... no no no no no. That, my friend is where you are wrong! Little did we know Suku had lost of little suprises planted for us along our leisurely way down. Pleasant surprises and mindbaffling discoveries. Its amazing what you can uncover with an observant eye.

The first surprise Suku prepared for us was this beautiful, lonesome fungly mushroom. It closed slightly when we touched it, and closed again when we touched it more. I wanted see how it look like completely closed but they boo-ed at my idea. :( the mushroom looks plenty yummy though! imagine that cooked with fresh greens, chicken croutons and glazed in honey mustard dressing... yum!

Gary the snail lazily welcomed us after that! slowly, slimy but surely, with that beautiful and unique shell of his, he smiled at us. *shall resist thinking of Gary as an escargot!*
We saw Buddha on the way down. Tucked discreetly, comfortably by a tree. What do you see?

Curiosity got the better of us when the number of add yellow balls scattered on the ground seem to increase. first there were only one or two on the way, then yellow and green balls were like everywhere. It looked like it just rained balls and the air was lemony fresh after that. Who would have guessed that those yellow balls WERE lemons! I didnt even know Malaysia had lemon trees. We spotted the lemon tree. Now we know, the lesson of the story? Malaysia has lemon trees!this was like the best discovery of all! Remember those red little seeds we find on the ground and use to keep for fun during like primary school? "Siang Si Dou" we used to call it in mandarin. This brought back sweet childhood memories when we found it. It was something I play with growing up but never bothered to ask where it came from or how it looked like. We found the seeds raw, still in its little coccon, the red shell still soft and premature. Milk ozzes out when we break the skin. I was very excited to find this, wouldnt you?

More mushrooms looking yummy on the way down,

and last but not least, a very baffling discovery. We found the fruit, we found the tree, we dont know what on earth is this supposed to be. Its definately not a lemon, its not furry/orange enough to be a peach, its not guava-ey enough to be well, a guava. Another dissection of the fruit revealed purple flesh. definately not a dragon fruit. Any ideas?

This furry little fellow welcomed us on the way up. Looks like one big impressive caterpillar don't it? ITS NOT! its actually a combo of many many tiny furry caterpillars. uncountable.

So thats about it folks! It took us too long to get back down because of all the ohhings and ahhing and picture taking. Can't really tell you much about the Suku as a mountain until the next time we head up again. Its suppose to be good though, with mossy goodness and all.

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