Wednesday, September 23, 2009

not so discreet

wanted to spend more money on dancing courses. and then i realize, i don't have enough.

excuse me while i stuff my face in chocolate covered mashed potatoes and wallow in self-pity.

mmm.... chocolate covered mashed potatoes....

dharma said some stuff that comforted me. yes, its not my priority and main focus thats why im not great at it. but sometimes i wish i could just drop everything and make it my one and only priority. its all i can think of.

Foamy should be made King of the world.

am i the only one noticing the split second subliminal messages on Star TV? i hate it. it feels like my eyes are being raped and my mind is being forced-fed. This has got to be against a consumer-human-right law or something! I see advertisements on tv, in my house, outside my house, when im on the computer, on blogs on youtube, in my own room in my own car, when im playing PS when im watching a commercial i see advertising for ANOTHER product in the movies ARRGGGHHH I WANNA GET AWAY GET AWAY STOP TAINTING MY EYES WITH UR SUBLIMINAL CUTS before you know it people will be payed to have their heads or inner eyelids tatoo-ed with the McD logo and even when we close our eyes all we think of is a McChicken and in the future we'll be seeing coca-cola signs when we look at the moon or even better u know the batman sign in the sky? there'll be a Nike logo looking back at us instead. the only place i can think of getting away from the billboards is the mountains, even THERE i see advertising for 100plus on the ground coz apparently some dumbasses dont know what is a trash can. i wanna get away i wanna get away i wanna get away i wanan get away i wanna get away STOP WITH THE ADVERTS you annoying evil geniuses. its like propaganda. "eat at McD's McD's the best McD's McD's McD's ...." well McD sucks i'll settle for a Ramly anyday.

instead of advertising for money-greedy conglomerates they should advertise for people to bring their own bags to the supermarket. now that, would be a better use of time, money, space, and brainwashing.

will they ever give it a rest?


Dharma said...

i love your rants, so passionate hahaha. I love the MCds part hahahaha, i seriously burst out laughing. They'll never stop...the minds of the youths of today bend to easily. (ps: it can still be your priority one day, when your done with what u have to do, you can do what you want to do, ur a healthy girl, you got all the time in the world, the stage will always be there waiting for you;)

happyPig~ said...

hahahahahaha thanks dharma mama. hahaha OHHH i get the mama nick name now! AHAHAHAHAH.

Dharma said...

noooooooooooooooooooo not you 2...