Wednesday, September 9, 2009

lost in the dark and the stars are not shining

this air that i breath,

the places that i've been,

the reflection that i see,

i miss the me i used to be.


Dharma said...

i miss the feelings i use to feel

Victor Tan said...

Nostalgic, isn't it? :)

I miss my past too.

happyPig~ said...

more like,
i miss who i used to be, waht i was bout. now im just like everyone else. aih.

Victor Tan said...

I see. Nevermind. It shows that you're entering new worlds. At least you are learning new stuffs in this new situation you're living in right now. It's a good thing wat, though I still miss my past.

naVid said...

as Freddy mercury says "im just the pieces of the man i used to be"
but i hate it when people think they are or worse they should be like each other. i love being unique.

llen said...

hey meifong.. i may not know you very well to say this but i've gotta say.. you of all people will NEVER be "just like everyone else" :)

happyPig~ said...

thats so sweet llen, thanks :)
thats the hope that i need! :D