Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Canis Lupus Arctos,

aren't they just the prettiest sight?

the Artic Wolf. majestic, adorable furry goodness. :)

LOOK AT ALL THAT FUR! he almost look like a lion! Artic Wolfs, living in harsh snow conditions (duh) grows a second layer of fur for protection against the cold during winter!

Its no wonder they can survive sub-zero temperatures for yeaaaaars, 5 months of absolute darkness a year, AND weeks without food. imagine puasaing in the cold darkness for weeks on end.

Artic Wolves are smart! yes they are yes they are! In the winter, when snow rules the earth, the Wolfie's furr turns white; In the summer, where green and brown grass carpets the ground, the Wolfie's coat magically turns brownish grey! AMAZING!

"photosynthesis" david lettermen said. you dumbass, its CAMOUFLAGING! so if you thought only reptiles comouflage, think again!

many people don't you that, and now you do! :)

i want one of those in my garden! comelnyaaaaaaaaa. oh wait garden too panas, i'll have to put it in my room coz got air cond! my room it is! :D

you have just been made smarter by the eternal optimist and her pack of artic wolves :)


naVid said...

why dont u add it to ur list of 100thingtodobefordie ?
buy an arctic wolf !

happyPig~ said...

i am not going to support the trading of endangered wildlife. even monkeys should not be pets.

XtasyM said...


happyPig~ said...

yang tu bukan husky la my dear. but yes, HUSKY!!! :D

XtasyM said...

itu juga husky kan~