Saturday, September 12, 2009

damn the limitations

Sabah, Melbourne, road trips..
all this talk about travels is making me want to just pack up and go!

all the talk about inking is NOT helping either.

i miss Vail.

people that talk about themselves all the time is interesting for the first 10 minutes, and then they start to get annoying. shut up and talk about something else already. must remind myself everytime i start talking about myself.

When someone is having a conversation about you (especially if the conversation involves your learning about your mistakes and how to improve and stuff like that), and someone else butts in and talks about themselves, its just rude, and makes him/her look like an attention seeker.

its annoying when someone who is good at something says they suck it in front of your face, because you know, she/he knows, and the whole room knows that you suck at it more then her/him.

drama queens are annoying.

why do people brag about being bad at things?

please tell me if i'm being annoying to you, or to myself. i dont want to be a hypocrite.


kickboxing. sounds like a plan. but then again, maybe not.

i want soo many things, and not in a birthday/xmas gift wishlists kind of way.

life just feels so pointless these days.

this didnt started as an emo post, it just somehow became that way.

catch my drift?

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Dharma said...

hahaha touche