Wednesday, September 2, 2009

commen sava

just found out that Alliance Francaise is located in Leisure Commerce Square, thats like 1 step away from my college's campus, literally!

while everyone else is happily going konchiwa and saranghae-o,
i've always wanted to learn French.
oh how nice is it, to be able to learn the language and live and breath the country!
the art, the culture, the food,

and french men, mmmmmmmm.. french men...

i want to be in France with my little black beret, eating my hearty escargots and heavenly toasted baguettes with the Eiffle tower majestically glowing in the background, and that violinsist with the moustache serenading me..

at least i've got the fake paris in Las Vegas.

one day,


one day.