Friday, December 11, 2009

They love coloring

I already had 2 days of playing the character of Teacher Mei, the sweet, nurturing, patient yet strict at times teacher to 10 or so kindergartners. *gags*

There is Kaushal, a 5 year old boy that's smart and unabashed, and gives the correct roar to a lions voice, rather polite and obedient too.

There's Arif, the sweetest and cutest looking little angel that melts my heart everytime i see his smile. Quite and shy, bound to grow into a dashing young man.

There is Sophia, loves running, and a rather brave little girl!

there's Batricia who still gets confused with her colours, but likes holding on to our hands time to time, pulling us to wherever she goes. She's slow and meticulous when she colours, but she does a very god job!

There's Jia Chun, little 2 year old who wouldnt let go of mummy the whole time. When he got used to playing around, mummy secretly left, and he sulked and cried and looked out the front gate the whole time. I spent my first day coaxing him, but failed terribly.

and then there's Gavin. a headache. listens to you when he wants to, when he doesnt want to, he'll be doing his own thing ignoring all you have to say. Likes include eating (alot) and money. He pretends to smoke in class, sit and walks abit like gangster, very cute and amusing, but secretly dangerful. Thank God there's only one Gavin in class! otherwise all the teacher will just muntah darah.

I love the fact that its a very multiracial class, with very multiracial teachers, in fact, I'm the only chinese teacher. I really hope these kids will be able to see beyond colours and judge people on whats inside, not out. :)

Official classes starts January, thats when the real actions starts. They're around the kindergarden this month for a month long camp thingy, 2 hours every alternate day or so. For now, im just having fun with the kids, getting to know them, teaching them colour by numbers, showing them animals on a flashcards and stuff like that!

I love kids, although some are quite a handful. Many come telling me that its very hard to be a kindergarden teacher, you'll be so mad you'll start vomiting blood. True, but I love their innocence, and how can u stay mad at a cute face like that? You're furious at Gavin for not doing his work but the next thing he does is so adorable you just go jelly. I guess you just have to be very very patient, and forgiving. and give them lots of stars! I'm having loads of fun playing with my kids! absolutely loving my job so far! the only thing is I have to decorate a my classroom by myself! thats 4 walls, and too many color paper and glue! I'm not very creative, but i guess it'll do, at least kids don't complain!

I've been wanting to do something like this for so long its feels like ahh.. satisfaction. can't say much bout the job for now its only been 2 days but im super-stoked for real classes to start! and more kids will be coming in and i shall be the class teachers to a bunch of 5 year olds! and they will learn basic mandarin from me because i am their mandarin class teacher and they are the white paper and i shall paint their base with beautiful colourful ink and from no mandarin they will be able to understand the language because of me can u tell that im stoked to give a lil something back to the community although its not charity its still counts as something doesn't it i'm gonna stop babbling now back to my cutting my colour papers bye.


Arrygoo said...

Omg mei , this is the cutesy note you've blogged ever !
It made me feel really delightful and everything.
I'm truly happy for ya , and a bit jelouse !

Have fun ! And be careful of what you're putting in the blank minds of them ...

happy.pig said...

hahaahah thanks aryan i;ll teach them how to be Mei. hhahahaha