Tuesday, December 29, 2009

caught in between dreams

is going to rewatch big bang theory again. a show about nerds that never gets old! now i want that theme song in my phone anyone has it?

how can something so wrong feels so right. will guilt or guilt triumph?

i cant stand the sight of my disgustingly disgusting blogskin already tried changing for the past 4 hours but its not working any volunteers?

I could have done better.

it was never girls night out, its always guys night out, and Mei. aren't u all used to it already.
good thing about that is less bitching and more chilling.

the closest thing i have to a girlfriend is Du just cause he has shinier nails then me and Ju just cause he bitches more than anyone else that i know.

2009 has been such a great year i cant believe its ending already.

the kindergarden is boring and empty when the kids are not around.

hopefully, a new second hand laptop by tomorrow. wishes that this one actually works properly.

mum went to singapore and came back with a whole bunch of hand me down clothes by my bro's girlfriend. a couple of cool dresses too. when will i ever wear them.

i have an affinity with second hand products. even my bed is third hand.

the joys of being the youngest child.

mum and dad keeps forgetting to get food for breakfast. we have nothing to eat.

hmm, bread. om nom nom.


thinking about vail. misses vail. needs to do another Vail.

people still think im studying in US. everyone assumes that i will be studying somewhere exotic and expensive, somewhere not malaysia.

Obama did not deserve that Nobel Prize, at least not yet. if they're gonna give Nobel Prizes to peple based on what they've said they might as well give one to Anwar.

why are you suddenly such a stranger. oh yeah, thats why. now stop it, coz you're hurting me.


ambiguity is the name of the game.



this has been another random thought session, with Mei.

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