Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Teacher Mei they'll call me

its official,
I am now a uncertified kindergarten teacher, teaching (of all things) mandarin.

imagine, me nurturing young minds, molding the leaders of tomorrow, setting a strong foundation in innocent little 3 year olds :)

yes laugh la laugh all you people laugh and get it over with! even my dad laughed. thanks for being such a great encouragement. hemph.

i shall be working thru December and January mornings, and pass the baton to someone else come mid-February. They hired me cause they were desperate, but i was requested to look for someone else to replace me in February, any takers?

decided to try teaching for the experience. its not about the money, and believe me the salary is way sad. 5 days of promoter work can make up for the month's salary. Screw the money, i don't want to work in shopping malls and cafes doing meaningless work that is nothing but a waste of time. so what if i earn more, I learn nothing, and half of the time i just stand there looking like a sparkly lost Christmas ornament. I'd rather spend my hours doing something fulfilling, learning and earning in the process. even if i don't get paid. This holiday, its all about the experience.

plus, I'm going to make it a point to volunteer in PAWS.

by the end of the year, and end of the holidays. i can scratch no.23 off my 100thingstodobeforeidie list.

what a way to end the year eh!

have fun enjoying the last bits of 2009 guys, have fun while it last! <3


naVid said...

you are really something. i like your attitude to life . . .

happy.pig said...

thanks ? :)

naVid said...

why "?" ?