Sunday, December 13, 2009


3 hours of cycling and 5 hours of dance i'm tired off my feet!

bukit cahaya was fun i miss the place so much! much needed exercise for us. seeing that after form 5 all our stamina went down the drain..... except for basnojj coz he's kiat like that.
it was good to meet the juniors too, although it was for only a short while, i miss them even more...

met the most unexpected person at the dance workshop today i couldn't believe my eyes! who would have taught he, of all people, is majoring in dance! i. am. so. jealous. i wish i could just screw the priorities and responsibilities for once and drop all and just, dance.

i learnt how to toy with gravity.

im so grateful i can speak mandarin.

another hectic rushy morning tomorrow.. gotta go in the Kindergarden before 8, decorated my classroom with the miserable measly stuff that i've painstakingly made with my own 2 hands, open day starts at 9, gotta leave and get to Bukit Tinggi by 10, leave for KL and start dancing at 11!

i needs to sleep.

what a meaninglessly sucky post.

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