Saturday, December 26, 2009

chilled christmas

mum and dad is away at Singapore for the holidays..
they've been gone for 2 whole days! returning soon though, in a couple of hours..
im in mum's room, cuddled in the bed, the tv on, laptop in my hands, enjoying the silence (and nag-free freedom) while it lasts..

this could possibly be the best xmas gift they've given me ever! nyahaha

had the most soothingly comforting chilling Christmas with my favouritest people yesterday!

breakfast with Julian with yum yum yummy bak kut teh,
a walk in the park with yum yum yummy Zac,
and a chillout night with and sudden trip to the lake with yum yum yummy beers, courtesy of Abdu and the company of cinderella Chee Yong.

we could have enjoyed the beers while watching planes fly but noooooooooo, cinderella had to be home on time. i guess LCCT will have to wait till the next time then.

is it pointless to have so many inside jokes in my posts that no one but me will ever understand? given the fact that the people that will acutually understand the jokes dont read blogs. at least not mine!

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