Tuesday, June 16, 2009

spot me

mass comm - to answer the endless question of "what are u studying", "where are u studying" and "why there?"

wasnt going to talk about this but since my aunt found these articles and bersuper-semangat went to scan and email it to me... oklah.

and if you are one of those person who is going to say with your judgy tiny chinese eyes "taylors arh? rich kid. ada duit mah," people, its a SCHOLARSHIP i am studying for FREE.

if you are enviously going "wuah so smart, can get 100% waiver" it didnt come free ok, i worked like a farm mule until my sweat pores cant sweat no more all these exam years for this- free tuition. but i have to pay like miscellanious and stuff la.

to be honest i was hesitant about Taylor's, but at least it solved the "where are we going to find Rm 80 thousand for Mei Mei's uni?" problem - believe me, mum and dad is very relieved and super proud.

thank u Taylors. they were accomodating and patient enough to scedule an online interview because i was like 13 hours away. :)

well, all u Taylor students- watch out HERE COMES ME!

ermm........... yeah.


imn. said...

OMG MEI! SO HAPPY FOR YOU! CONGRATULATIONS! YOU DESERVE IT :) i know you'll be awesome in taylors. all the best :)


happyPig~ said...

thanks iman. u do well in canada too okies :)

chico said...

eiuuuu...money sucker college..good thing you got yourself scholarship..

happyPig~ said...

lol which college nowadays arent bent on sucking our hard-saved college fund? thanks chico!