Monday, December 13, 2010

how did i managed to be such an optimist for so long.
i guess its time,
when we grow up,
and question optimism
like how we question life
and stop believing.

optimism is hard, its so hard to stay positive. you can only do it for so long.

so this is what grief feels like, eh. heh.

and i heard its christmas,
a time where dreams come true and people are happy and there's supposed to be a warm fuzzy feeling just by hearing the happy christmas songs and festive air.
but happy songs are just so fucking annoying right now.
if dreams really do come true,
i plead dear santa,
i'd give you everything i have,
please just return everything to the way it was,
the way it's supposed to be.
if there's such thing as a christmas miracle,
dear santa,
make your magic work.


D said...

Its so unfortunate, if only happiness can be as the things we watch on disney. They stories, the tales of happy endings and good triumph over evil. Unfortunate, reality are for the fighters. fight and hope for the best, and know that your life is better than alot of ppl out there. Be happy with that and try to be content. cheers, your old friend.

Happy pig said...

ive always been happy with my life, and ive always appreciated my blessings, never have i complained about trivial stuff because i know that i am doing better than most, but this, i cannot handle. this is something that i cannot be content with. fight, i will, but it wont be an easy battle.