Saturday, May 16, 2009

i can almost smell home

leaving for home tomorrow night.
which will be approximately your 2am on the 17th.
touchdown on the 18th, 12.15 pm. and i'll be back to being daddy's girl. :)
its feels so surreal.

now that im approaching the time of plane hoppings, country leaving and home returning,
as a tribute to the to everything the 2 wonderful east and west gave me,
i shall present to you the top 10 things that i will miss about US, and the top 10 things that i miss about Malaysia, with a smile.

here we go.

10 things i will miss about da US. :)
10. orange juice every morning, vitamin C power!
9. conversations with friendly random strangers.
8. beautiful scenic views. colorado mountains especially.
7. shopping!
6. meeting people from all over the world.
5. the dogs. the dogs seem to be genetically engineered to be super clean and super obedient. if the owner say die they probably will. and the image of big/fat macho guys walking tiny miniature toy dogs that have legs the length of my finger. fuuuunnnnnyy!
4. the little kids. especially those bundled up with so many layers of winter jackets they cant move their hands, they cant turn turn their heads, and they cant walk, they waddle. like a duck.
3. cloudless clear blue skies
2. complaining about the goddamned cold
1. ohGawd the wonderful 3 course fine dining dinners! and the desserts..

10 things i miss about Malaysia. XD
10. milo panas. milo ais. milo powder power.
9. LAH
8. the fact that shops open past 10.0o. 24 hour mamak tua. 24 hour makan.
7. Chilli Sauce. all of it. sambals also, and all the chicken rice wan.
6. being able to talk in 3 different language at the same time. and have the indian mamak ane answer you in mandarin or even better, hokkien.
5. the earthy smell after a rain
4. my room
3. cloudy blue skies
2. complaining about the freaking heat
1. mamak tua for supper. bakkutteh for breakfast. MALAYSIAN FOOD babe! and all the ice kacangs..

and you, of course.

bye US.
hello malaysia,
did u miss me? :)

can u tell im excited?

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