Thursday, May 14, 2009

i feel like im spending my tuition money away

LV, Coach, Prada, Kenneth Cole-
just spend the whole day going into shops that i can never afford,
buying things that will never be mine.

what do i hate more than shopping?
shopping for other people!


no one. NO ONE can complain that i don't love my older brother, and his lucky girlfriend!
damn handbag that costs more than everything that i own.

came back with so many shopping bags and all i got myself was a watch that doesn't tell time!
im serious!

damn cool right?

they can have their shiny new leather stuff bought from shops with glass walls that are so shiny they blind me.

they don't have a cool sundial on their arm.

now all i need is a compass. and a flashlight for the nighttime.

ok i lied. i bought myself a pair of jeans too. thats all! i swear!
ok. and a 99cent shotglass. but thats it.

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