Saturday, May 22, 2010

slept off the tired i've been feeling for the past couple of weeks because of the insane workload in one night.

after handing in my assignmnet, i reached home at 6, and died on my mums bed at 6.05.

forgot about dinner.
skipped dance class.
and totally slept through the minum session i was suppose to have with my friend.

im sorry, i was that tired.

woke up at 6.30 this morning, blurred, confused, and felt fucked up at myself.

Pulau Ketam for crosses today. twas fun weyh. loved the cycling around and the reminsicing of childhood kuala selangor trips. Pulau ketam is like Kuala Selangor without the crabs man. damn i miss kuala selangor gotsa get someone to take me there soon! oh and really cheap seafood. so it wasnt mindblastingly yummy but it was decent GOOD seafood. Who can ask for more when they are charging a table for 10 RM150 for6 seafood dishes and one soup man!

it was my cousins wedding today. Like the first thrid generation kid to get married at my mums side. First wedding since iono 30 years or so? so yeah, we're all really happy for Amy. and DAMN she's so pretty when she's dressed up. So guys, never underestimate a plain jane or an 'ugly girl' cause make up artist, hair dressers and a good tailor can do WONDERS!

and my arms are like really obvious tan lines thanks to cycling under the sun in Crab Island. I love it.

and the Director of Strategic Marketing from McCann Erikson came and gave a really good talk the other day. really eye opening. and its making me reconsider advertising Communications Marketing.

i hope Weber Shandwick can come give a talk soon too.. PR yo.

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Anonymous said...

hey. how was pulau ketam?