Monday, June 28, 2010

me and my big mouth

fairness in all fairness. who's to dictate what's fair and what isn't?

favouritsm is part and parcel. a forbidden practice, but secretly embraced. And alas the favourites will always shine brighter, though glory is a different matter.

so, should we all be fake suck ups and bask in the glory of a golden seat, or do we remain true and dwell in our frustration of fairness, or the lack of it.

Should we suck up to suck ups just for the extra edge, or do we convince ourselves to make peace with being noble?

do we voice our frustrations with a hint or a moan and fear the repercussions, or do we swallow our anger and trigger the ticking bomb?

I've seen bombs tick and tick away, diffused by an afternoon of moaning and I've seen bombs tick and tick away, till the very last unnerving second where it all blows up.

fairness in all fairness, fairness is a dirty game. and dirty plays well.

are we losing out, taken advantaged, forgetten, misplaced, misstepped, ignored, exploited?
is it worth to double the sweat and triple the effort, just because we play clean?

we convince ourselves that suck ups and fakes will one day be unmasked, and the sweatshops workers will finally shine, but how oftern do fairytales come true?

fairness in all fairness, nothing is fair.

so we should just level the playing field and all be suck ups and brownosers, favourites and pets together.

then maybe fairness in all fairness, fairness is fair.

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