Friday, July 23, 2010

i is tanned.

perhentian was the shitz, super duper relaxing. makes me wanna live on a beach one day, which i will, one day.

snorkelling, getting up close and personal with the fiishies was just amazing! makes me wanna get my diving license and dive 6 feet under one day, which i will, one day.

but for now, its smack back to reality.

mum: u didnt tell dad your results ar?
me : 3 D's and 1 Credit.
Bro: why your result so bad, you do know you're a scholarship student right?
Dad: ur better stop ur work if its affecting ur results.
me: ...

they said the same thing when i got 2 D's and 2 HD's for my last semester results. to all u people who were envious that i have a scholarship, FML pls.



Anonymous said...

you went to perhentian? -_-' *jealous face*

Happy pig said...

wahahha be jealous plsssss

Careen Tan said...

your results are damn impressive. be proud of yourself! cos i'm really proud of you, superwoman ;) see ya in uni!

Happy pig said...

OMG CAREEN u read my blog! ahahah thanks soo much dear, i worked my butt off for it. :)

see u soon!