Wednesday, July 28, 2010

the problem with the 21st century is

people don't talk anymore.

so i walked into No Black Tie, awesome music by the way, digging the local singer songwriters jazzy tunes, that I am totally in love with by the way, and i noticed, in the midst of the dark room, there was this table beside me with 4 shiny white lights illuminating the table and its guests.

In the table of 6, 3 was texting/tweeting/facebooking on their Blackberries and 2 was playing God knows what game (Angry Birds maybe?) on their IPhone. They looked like they were having a great time, with their phones that is. apparently this is such a common sight, i dont know why am i still baffled by it.

Tell me, what is the point of going out, with the aim to spend time with your friends, if you're just gonna be on your phone chatting with somebody else? Why not just save the money, stay at home, and chat on your phone with me? Wouldnt that save all the hassle and time and money of going out? especially now when petrol's no 5cent candy anymore.

I seriously don't get it. Personally, i get really annoyed when im out with someone, especially if i havent seen him or her in a really long time, and all he/she is busy doing the whole time is chatting with someone else on one of them social networking blogger sites. Lets just save time and chat on facebook! at least i can get your full attention then. It seems kinda rude actually, dont you think so?

that is probably one of the reasons why i dont see the neccessity to own an Iphone or BB. We're already so addicted to the internet, why indulge even more when we can enjoy real OFFLINE COMMUNICATION (wtf) with real people in real nature and surroudings!?

live life in simplicity, thats my motto.

on a side note: i found it really dissapointing, and ironic, and funny that face-to-face communication, the one real people have been practicing for eons have been termed as OFFLINE COMMUNICATION, as if online communcation existed before time. a really wtf moment I had in sem1.

so, the moral of the story is, No Black Tie has really awesome and sincere local acts performing and we should go check it out together one day ok. Just make sure you leave your facebooking and tweeting and msning and whatever else-ing there is at home

thank you.


Julian said...

gee, terasa. :(

Anonymous said...

before this. it was phone, then mp3, now bb and iphone. hoho