Monday, July 26, 2010

2 teeths lighter

these cotton balls fills the gaps in my mouth,
the two friends that my 36(?) pearly whites have came to know have been massacred texas chain saw style,
godspeed old friends, you have been annoying,
i shall never have to deal with your food trappings again.
You were proof for my growing wiser,
but now that you;re gone,
i shall be smarter than wiser,
i shall be wisdomful!

ok i dont know what am i crapping about. all i want to say is my extracted tooth looked blardy and nasty. it looked blardy nasty.

I want to thank man for creating ponstan and anaesthetics, and my uncle for being such as awesome dentist.

because i felt nothing but numbness. and it felt relaxing after a while. except for the horrendous sound.

but still,, why does extracting 2 teeths costs do damn blardy much!?


NanaKing.BananaBoatMan said...

it costs so much because dentists secretly made a pact with the toothfairy before perjanjian pangkor was signed in 1874.

Happy pig said...

oh i seee. we should make a new pact to make all tooth extractions free. Ill talk to Cosmo and Wanda. They know the tooth fairy maybe we can work sth out.