Wednesday, August 18, 2010

dear bookworms

you people sure didnt see me on 8TV gameshow Whack It a few weeks back kan? how supportive. peh. but don't worry! you can catch it on still, just look for catch up tv, click whack it, and click episode 9. and then have fun mocking me behind my back while secretly wondering if the host's boobs are natural.


the only good thing about taking the train is i find time to read, when im not too busy daydreaming.

thus i finally managed to close the chapter on Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl weeks ago (i know im like the last person on earth to read this book). As a novel, its quite a fairly easy read that has the tendency to be rather mundane. The writing is plain and simple, nothing spectacular to note. BUT, but the book becomes a significantly wonderful read when you realize that the surreal life they were living was actually real! The 'wow' factor hits me only during the afterwords, when they wrap up the hanging diary, and unveil how Anne and her family tragically left. No worries, I wont go into details, i know nobody likes a spoiler.

What i'll tell you is that i could very much relate to Anne, her wants and her frustrations, her dreams and her obligations. Finding the balance between her own aspirations and family expectations. Woes of a teenaged girl, oh don't i know it well! The way Anne vented her frustration was like me reading my own diary- comforting, in a way. Though the story ended in pain, it was a undoubtedly a happy ending for me. Anne's zahir of becoming a writer, and living after death came true in way that she could not have imagined. All because of a diary that she keep wholeheartedly. Little did she know that she has became the symbol of all the pain and suffering that Hitler caused, the symbol of strength and courage for all Jews. A diary of a 15 year old girl in solitude, so influential. Who would have ever imaged! I guess the littlest things does make a a huge difference eh?

Literary wise it was average, but still i enjoyed the book till the very end. It gets you thinking, that what this book does.

okay so now im onto my next book The Zahir by Paolo Coelho. Truth be told, im only reading this book because i found it collecting dust in my room. Quarter way through, not too crazy about it yet. So far it's been alot of whining from the main character.

A month ago I predicted the The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo by Steig Larsson, with its immense popularity was surely going to be made into a movie, and guess what, i was spot on! They just casted the female lead. Seriously, Hollywood is running out of original movie ideas. So, that book and her sisters (Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, The Girl who Played with Fire) are going to be on my readlist. Better I digest it now before Hollywood ruins it for me right?

Also looking forward to The Map of the Invinsible World by Tash Aw because i enjoyed the Harmony Silk Factory, and My Mistress's Sparrow is Dead, by Jeffrey Eugenides because he is an AMAZING author, and i want to reread his Middlesex and The Virgin Suicides badly! I highly recommed you to read Mr.Eugenides work because he is a literary genius (chessy yes i know but i love his work!)!

phew, i think i just decided my readlist for the rest of the year.


p/s: mei appreciates a good book gift *hint hint* :D

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i'm stuck with plenty of books to read but don't know which one to start.