Sunday, August 22, 2010

Thought of the day

If When the Brickfields Little India dream materializes our Indian community would be proud to have its own version of Petaling Street; Tourism Malaysia would be promoting it madly as a taste of Malaysia Truly Asia, Lonely Planet would happily add another 'must see site' in the marvels of Malaysia, and traveller would have 500 pictures of rich indian culture and be satisfied enough to forgo their trip to India.

and in 5 years, the hawker stalls and shopping malls in Brickfields' pretty Little India would be teeming with working immigrants in every shade of brown and every confusing indian dialect.

but no one will notice that the immigrants have taken up manning the stalls and the local indians around are scarce. (i know i can't tell the difference) And no one, to the government's delight, would complain.

unlike the case with Petaling Street. They should get all the TiongKok Mui to man the stalls instead of some Ane. How ironically funny is it, if the chinese immigrants starts to invade Little India as the Indian immigrants has with Petaling Street! That would be the epitome of 1Malaysia!

Well, thats one thing to look forward to Brickfields! Lets just hope this time around, the construction actually ends on time.


Anonymous said...

Haha. Nice thought Mei.

I'm pretty sure in 5 to 10 years time, we can see lots of non-Indian (immigrants) faces at the Brickfields. As what happened to Petaling Street and Chow Kit.

But I seriously look forward the new face of Brickfields. =)

Happy pig said...

i dont htink so la i think it'll remain very indian. i mean lots of immigrants yes, but indian immigrants. so it'll still be essentially Little India. hahah

im looking forward to it too. I think it;s nice to have a Little India like Petaling Street and all.