Wednesday, September 1, 2010

i dont like sappy books

Train times and train waits,
train lates and train wakes,
sit sit sit wait wait wait,
all that time have been spent reading,
and I have finished reading The Zahir by Paolo Coelho.

it was,
not my cup of tea.

If you like all those spiritual journey metaphorical love crap, then yes you should take a gander at this book. If not, stay awaaaayyyyyyy. Paolo Coelho whined alot, in the book. Talking about the same thing again and again. but then again it is suppose to be a book about obsession, thats why he keeps repeating the same lines. tapi, boring sial.

for some reason I have been reading alot of whiny ass books. starting with the dissapointingly horrible Twilight.

I NEED SOME REAL DRAGONS SLAYERS AND BLOOD AND GUSH AND FICTION AND FAIRYTALES DAMNNIT! give me some suicidal virgins and confused hermaphrodites! some hobbits and drugged up musician and 3inch aliens?

i got to stop reading books i find laying around and go get some real books.

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