Monday, September 20, 2010

sien lo

first day of back to school and I am back to being not-so-enthused-about-life.
probably it was the awesome work/fun/productive holiday in comparison,
maybe it was the delayed train and bus to campus this morning,
pretty sure its was the sucky and pricey college food,
and could be because of the subject and lecturer that doesn't make sense,
but the first day of back to school was very indescribable, in a not so nice way.

This semester started in August. it is now the end of september and I don't think I have yet to learn anything productive. The subjects so far are a big question mark. Mr Chandra is definately the only lecturer that I look forward to spending a one-hour train/bus ride to see for two hours. In other words, uni is very uninspiring, very very uninspiring. The only thing that is keeping me going is work and dance.

and my mom wonders why I couldnt be bothered about the new college term.
she should come attend a class or two.

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