Friday, October 1, 2010

I tried

hmm blog. what to say, what to write.

If i am not well-known for being from Klang, I'm well know for taking the train, faithfully. I read the paper a coupla months back and came across this article about Penang getting new commuters. I was in pointing it out in jealous awe, 'woah! damn nice la penang got new trains, looks damn canggih somemore!". Brian looked at me, laughed and commented that I am the only person who would give such a envy reaction to KTMs. In fact, I'd be the only one who gives a damn.

For the past few days, all my dates with Mr. Choo Choo Train was delayed. 10 minutes. 30 minutes. 40 minutes. 1 hour. I see 2, 3 trains passed by at the opposite tracks, but there was no sign of mine. I rushed in the early morning to catch the 7.05 train but end up waiting for 30 mins and was late for class. multiple times. I waited an hour for a supposedly empty 3.20 train just to be greeted by a sardine-can an hour later. Add that to a whole day of class and frustrations at a father who can never come on time. Multiply it by one week plus a history of patient waiting.

My patience went chasing after the missing KTM and that was it. Fuck you train I give up. Holding in frustrated tears. I've wasted half my life taken advantage by you. Here on end I'm driving., Sorry Mother Nature.

One thing I can't comprehend is this: why, did you have to extend your routes all the way to Batu Caves when you already have problems sending us to Sentul on time? Now you're time management is worst then ever, and the people, we're more disappointed than ever. Go learn from your brother LRT.

you're such an embarrassment to the country. Always the same excuse: rosak rosak rosak. Maybe I'll come visit you again when your new siblings come from China. End of next year eh? We'll see, you've never been really good at keeping your promises.

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Victor Tan said...

looks like I'm not the only one complaining about the train. Lady's Couch is a good idea, but it's better to improve it by upgrading the trains like the ones in Sydney. Double Decker, with many seats, harder chances to get a sardine can situation. Well, Malaysia actually have the money but they don't really spend it well.