Friday, October 29, 2010


i hate reminiscing through old photos because it makes me miss the moment so much. I miss it so much, it hurts.

I miss vail. I've been missing vail for almost a year. The people, the cold in my bones, the excitement, the travels, the colours, the smell of snow mingling with spring... gosh, i miss vail so so very much. I want to recreate my time there, Vail, Marriot, LA, Hollywood, San Fran, missed flights.. I want my (very) happy belly, the 24 hour sleep on my first day, the frugal buys, the warm baths...

Lucia, from Russia. my favourite girl and friend there

Breathtaking Grand Canyon

Amazing LED show above us, Las Vegas

Caeser's Palace. Las Vegas.

San Fran, my fav city

it was then we became close, it was then he was my guardian.

gosh i miss vail.
it was my adventure.

and Im seeking a new one.

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