Sunday, October 3, 2010

Strippers have feelings too

Stripping in public comes with the territory of being a dancer. Thus, us female dancers often do the best we can to cover up in between costume changes- tubes, scarfs to wrap around, skirts, and some manouevers, tips and tricks that is too complicated to describe here.

Most often, we share a changing room with the male dancers but changing in front of them is okay- their always gay. if they are not, they're used to it and would do the polite gesture of looking away when we change.

If we're really lucky to be performing in a big arena, the girls would have a seperate changing room from the guys, which is a very rare but nice privilege.

But sometimes, our changing room is a dingy hallway backstage seperated from the kitchen by a divider that hardly shields us from the prying and demeaning eye of kitchen workers. It's like these people have never seen people change and have no decency to at least pretend that they are not looking. Sometimes, they stare at us assuming that we can't see them. When we look back at them in the eye giving them the sting, then they look away. We're dancers, not the blind, you ass. We do the best we can to cover up, but sometimes, sometimes, during dance shows where we have literally 1minute to change into different costumes, we have no time to cover up and just strip hoping that no one is looking. God knows which sad little peeping tom is peeping. They should really get laid, or watch more porn. And go learn some respect.

And then, there are the hotel workers that barges into our changing room without knocking. So we would be in our bras and panty hose shocked, and pissed. "Sorry" they say insincerely and slowly close the door and walk away. DONT YOU KNOW HOW TO KNOCK YOU DIMWIT!? Thank God this doesn't happen too often.

I've learnt to ignore and live in denial about the fact that I might have been visually violated for the longest time. But the last show I had in Sunway Lagoon 2 nights ago went over the top. Seriously, if you have enough money to rent the ENTIRE Sunway Lagoon for your company dinner, you should be able to provide at least one small tent for the dancers to change and rest. Giving us two humongous tables, no chairs, and asking us to change in the wet and dirty toilet, is just ridiculous. PLUS, you requested for back-to-back numbers. HOW THE HELL ARE WE SUPPOSED CHANGE TO A DIFFERENT SET OF COSTUME IN TIME FOR YOU WHEN WE HAVE TO RUN ALL THE WAY TO THE TOILET AND AVOID THE WET AND DIRT? So, that night, the only thing shielding us from demeaning stares and pervy eyes was a wall, and the skirting of a table. GAAAAHHHH on the bright side, there weren't that many pairs of eyes around. I hope.

If that wasn't bad enough, when we were in our micro minis and halter tops waiting for our number, this guy, that was twice my age, with glasses and a pervy condescending hamsap pepe face had to go"yeah babeh" with a tone that was demeaning-condescending-perverted-disrespectful-shameful-and-whatever-else-adjective-that-the-thesaures-can-translate. Fucking idot just because that wasn't demeaning enough he had to say it twice until one of us notices him. GAAAHHHHH do you know how demeaning that felt? how degrading, belittleing that was. It's the feeling that made feminists such man-haters but you probably won't understand if you're a man. I had half the mind to hire a 50-year-old uncle with gold hair, white singlet, jeans and slippers and a Mr.Potato moustache have have him go "yeah babeh~"at that douche's sister/daughter/wife so he know's how much of a douchebag he is. Now all I need to know where he lives. It should be too hard, I remember his degrading stare. GAAAAH!!

If it wasn't my passion for dancing, I wouldn't be in this business. Dressing up in dresses short enough to show my bum with every step I take does sometime feels like I am objectified. But Im willing to look aside because I love dancing and performing, and it's done in good taste.. and it's not all that bad all the time, we have very nice audience, who gives us a thumbs up and compliments us on our dance even though sometimes we sucked.

Some people just need to learn respect, thats all.
Others, need to watch more porn and get laid so they don't go stupid when they see us change.
or at least go to the beach more often, people prance around in their bikinis and change in public at beaches all the time, right!?

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