Sunday, December 9, 2007

first taste as a promoter.

if ppl would just listen and not shut me off before i started talking, IT
WOULD HAVE BEEN A VERY GREAT EXP!!! to all those who actually listened, and downloaded the stuff... THANK U !!!!!

now i know how a promoter feels..... sorry to those that i just igonre them... pai seh!!!

in the end, today was a great learning experience for me.
-i learned how to take a bus back from Times Square to Klang in the dark
-i learned how to be confident and thick skin to go forward and talk to strangerSSSS
-i learned how to promote, and talk to people
-i learned that there are ALOT of malay couple at Times Square
-i learned that there is a BIG BEAUTIFUL XMAS TREE there... go see!!!
-i learned about my new friend, Casey and her friends Jerry and Amy.. (yes their name rhymes -.-''') good people they are, friendly and sweet!! belanja me makan sushi somemore.. syoknya~~~
the best part is we paid only 40 bucks for 80 bucks worth of sushi... want to know how? ASK ME!

even though the insentive is like peanuts, i dont mind doing this again.. i cant say it's VERY FUN, but its OK!! it does has its "fun" moments !!!

10 hours of promoting? not a problem~

*hugs n kisses*

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