Friday, December 21, 2007

Melilea Show @ Bkt Jalil ~ friends n fun, all in one

almost One week later and it's still as fresh as yesterday. i can still feel the wramth, fun, laughter and the painfully lame moments we had together.

5th - 15th Dec
Rehearsals, rehearsals non-stop rehearsals. Tireing, but fun! i mean, meeting new friends, having fun and of course, dancing together, whats not to love? The best part definately is the 2 days-7 hours rehearsal till late night.TIREING ? YES. but i guess that is when our newly established friendship suddenly blossomed, strangers became new friends, new friends became great friends... i feel the love! lol

16th Dec " showtime! "
10am - 8 pm seemed like a crucially long wait in the beginning, but who knew time flies in a blink of an eye. Yes there were delays, but there was no waiting between dances, there were no waiting before the show even started! why? i guess its simply because all of us were having one heck of a great time! laughter and jokes filled the air, all of us were having fun, just enjoying the time we had together ! dancing and acting, 2 things that we love and were almost kinda good at, yes, it was indeed a good day to show our dancing and acting skills. From retard, to sexy, to sad and happy, we did it all!

i shall not say much~ a picture is worth a thousand words, in this case, there are a million words here!

from the opening to closing, even during the very expensive but yummy dinner afterwards ( thx winnnie!), every minute was enjoyable! lame joke stormed the day even through dinner! ayam kambing beg? even though it was a short stint, friendship that were made were not short lived. Gals, n boys, i miss u all!!!!! T.T hopefully can meet up, dance and act together again!
to sum it all up, it was indeed an all new experience for me. when Winnie (da boss) said there will be 6000 pairs of eyes, i wondered for a teeny tiny second if i will have stagefright. but alas, i was comfortable on stage, even if i was in a skimpy bra! i hope that time would freeze at that moment, when we were working together, FUN wei~~~ i miss it!!!
but still, memories are meant to be reminisced, and reminisced i will. its not like we will not meet each other forever n ever again right? thank god for modern technology!
HuGS n KiSSeS,
to u , and the other 12 wonderful dancers~

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