Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Kwang Hua, i'll be back.

wohho!!!!! lets do the " SPM-IS-OFFICIALLY-OVER-AND-I-DONT-HAVE-TO-WEAR-SCHOOL-UNIFORM-ANYMORE" dance! poor guys, when i see students carrying that heavy Delta tuition book waiting for mum to pick them up, i just laugh at myself saying "NO MORE TUITION FOR ME!!!"

yeap, BC paper is finally over, and SPM is finally out of the picture! relieved? happy? excited at the soon to come endless possibilties? YES! (what endless possibilites?)

after the paper, and after spending time at sheen's house and in her car, the few of us went to jusco bukit raja. was suppose to see ENCHANTED, have been looking forward to that show for the past week, but sadly i have no 'yuan' with that show, MISSED IT AGAIN! sad... but its okay.. i got to savour the deliciously delicious Mcflurry Cornetto Chocolate!! that managed to keep me happy !! haha... ohh, and i saw this amazing necklace at Voir, it came with matching earrings! the thing about it is that it is so quirky, so rare, i just fell in love with! i mean, its a necklace shaped like a tie!!! silver and shiny and oh-so-quirky, its just sooooo me! but atlast, pocket empty, tak dapat beli T.T but its okay~

spent the night at Station One with my beloved s4-ians... haih im gonna miss them! celebrated Mr.Ultraman's birthday, it wasnt much, but it came from the heart, hopefully he'll cherish it! HAPPY BIRDDAY MR ULTRAMAN!!!! muacksssssss~ lol

in a nutshell, tonight seems to be really the last day of school. i mean, after spm, there's really not much of a reason to return to school, and its kinda hard to meet up like the good old days right? no more annoying my classmates while they are studying.....although this has been a tireing day, simple as it may be, it is definately a sweet, perfect ending, to an imperfect ending of this chapter of life. new stuffs come along, but the life and tiems in kwang hua will always remain etched in the base of my heart!


Tee Eva said...

hey mei... u mentioned tat necklace, a tie-shape de.. i juz bought from tat bukit raja's voir last week. lol. with the pair of earrings too. lol. 19.90 for de necklace rite?..

szelynn said...

she la... ask her to buy...
but think so long...
went 2 times some more in the end didnt buy.. haha
eva u sell her cheaper la
lelong sepuluh ringgit

happyPig~ said...

i wan leh wei..... haiz so sad. lol

Anonymous said...

i miss u so so much!!!!!..

happyPig~ said...

woohoo i bought that necklace and earrings edi.... 10% discount wei... ahahhaha ok happy edi.

szelynn said...

u bought edi??
haha...how come got discount one?
good la!
happy leh..