Friday, November 30, 2007

life after spm?

Dudes and dudettes,
since im denieing the fact that i have to study for chinese, and since the computer is free, here i am blogging!

ppl have been asking me lately what my plans are after spm, and i think i have a rough sketch to what i'll be doing after Dec 4th ( thats the date of my last paper!!).

Well, first of all, i was suppose to go for my 4 days 3 nights class trip to Pangkor, but sadly, and i regret to say that i have to cancle that trip.. *aikss...ju sern is gonna kill me * ( im feeling mucho guilty now T.T). I was suppose to go for that trip, but i FINALLY got the offer from my jazz teacher do perform at an upcoming event. Its a big event, and there will be lots of rehersals and practises which sadly clashes with my class trip. I can only choose one, show? Or class trip? Decisions decisions, oh how i hate decisions. On one hand, its my first and could be last class trip, 4 days of fun with my beloved classmates to mark a beautiful end to our secondary school life. On the other hand, its the offer that i have been waiting for sooo long, its a big event, and it ill be a great stepping stone for me as a freelance dancer, i know i cant live with myself if i turn down this offer. Futhurmore, with the finincial issues my family has been dealing with,the trip will cost me 300 bucks, but the show will earn me 300 bucks? so do i choose the present (trip) or the future (show)? yeah well.... im soooo sorry my classmates, but this is something I have to do..

okay, next up is part time jobs. Initially i wanted to look for freelance jobs like promoter, distributing flyers and stuff, but my dear loving brother call me to work at Denny's (its a cafe near Klang Parade). Work as what u ask? waitress? Ohh no.... I shall be getting my hands dirty with fish innards and chicken blood in the kitchen.. Watch out! Here comes Mei Fong, the Kitchen Helper!!!! "Working as a waitress won't teach u much" my bro said, "I think its important for a girl to learn how to cook, so go work at Denny's in the kitchen." Just like that, i've scored a job at Denny's. My bro used to work at Denny's for a long time in the kitchen, he's good with the boss so he'll get the job for me ^^ Nope, I ain't complaining, its good for me to work at the kitchen cause the only thing i know about cooking is boiling water, and frying scrambled eggs.

what will I be doing with all the extra cash? It won't be much, but I'll use it to pay for my soon- to-come bellydancing classes. As i said, financial issues, so Mum says go learn, but try to pay urself if u can. I know, if i expect my parents to pay it will be a huge pinch in the wallet, so i shall be paying the bellydancing class fees myself. Hopefullly i earn enough to do so.. RM90 a month aint cheap! Bellydancing Class commence Jan 2008, so if you're interested, feel free to ask me !

Fast forward to Jan 2008, im hoping i'll begin school by then. January intake here i come!! what course? dunno yet. what subject? duno yet. which school? dunno yet. aikss... hopefully i'll know by the end of this month!!!

I'll let u guys know when i know k!!

*hugs n kisses*


szelynn said...

where u learning belly dancing? stepz ar?
never tell me also... maybe your teacher also same with mine...cos she teaches at many studios in klang...some more my fees also rm90 de

szelynn said...

tak boleh ka?? lol