Friday, November 16, 2007

new post

spent the whole evening trying to customize this. looked at so many blogskins n stuff, keep reverting, keep getting confused, ugghh... edit until i wanna PUKE!!!! ><
this new skinz, not much, but it'll have to do for now... ^^
i love the silhouette, but the black thingy here is just so-so...
i'll try to do more when i have the time.. there are so many other lovely skins, but its too complicated for me. i prefer something simple, like this!! if only i know how to design my own skinz, wont THAT be cool? hehez
on the other note, i woke up with a blister on my tongue, hurts a tiny bit. mom says its because of the hot wheater. Right now, im drinking a warm cup of sweet honey lemon..made by my adorable mum^^ so sweet, i can almost taste the love ... ^^ but then, she also made some chinese medicine for me, have to drink 3 whole bowls of the black icky, yucky stuff. So many cups and bowls of drinks to chug down, no wonder i've went to the toilet like, 10 times already!
hopefully i don't dream about peeing n accidentally wet my bed tonight!
and right now, im craving for that oh-so delicious cold cup of Mcflurry Cornetto Chocolate.. i can almost savour that icy cold cholately goodness on the tips of my tongue, i can almost feel the cold sweat from the paper cup... the only thing missing is, the ice cream itself!
have been bugging mom n my friend about that ice cream..
hugs n kisses!


Whay Ying said...

Haha. I came to your blog a few times today and each time it's a different skin.

Eva said...

hey. cool templates u have! chill! right now u still using the new templates rite? why i cant find any nice one?!.. recommend some sites wei.. ^^

DawnDreamer said...

Advice from someone who has gone through this before: Settle down with a really good skin before you have too many links!! (If not you would have to re-add again and again, which is rather irritating)

Whay Ying said...

You can get new templates from, Eva. :} Or was it

Eva said...

thanks, whay ying! :)