Friday, November 23, 2007

of bOObs n silicons

just finish watching "I Want A Famous Face" on MTV. basically its a show where they document the journey of americans going under the plastic surgeon's knife and getting rhinoplasty (nose), fat grafs ( fat injected under cheeks), lip injections ( for the angelina-jolie pout) and the all time favourite -- breats implants!

yes, u might be wondering why the hell perfectly good-looking young people want to mess up with what God, and their mom have blessed them with, and go erase the very identity that makes them unique just so they can look like someone else. i mean, its ok to admire and dress like someone, but totally cutting of ur skin and putting in silicon, pig fat and stuff, its a little too much!

i personaly think that its all too vain, "boosts confidence" and "unleash the real me underneath" is all just lame reasons n excuses. you're vain. ohh, and the yummy part : the future Britnney Spears look-alike ( i think this show was recorded b4 britnney gone all "corrupted") in the show says she wants to pursue STRIPPING. but, at lasts, she couldn't go through with it, and went to go POSE NUDE for PLAYBOY. yeah like that makes things better.

what caught my attention was the story of another girl, and this is worth sharing. So, this girl, another Britney wannabe went to get silicon implants for the huge boob effect. a few months after the surgery, her boobs got bigger n BIGGER. turns out she was infected by some bacteria. she boobs got bigger by the day because of water retention. the only way to get rid of the infection was well, removing the impants. so, she decided to do so. back to square one, she was back to her normal size, but because of the previous implants and water retention, she had excess skin, just imgaine the horror! then 6 months later she went to get her implants inserted back in, well obviously she has to do it now because of the excess skin! the now the juicy part : the next day she woke up, her right breast was smaller then the other because the right implant was leaking! yes! so again, she removed the right implant and replaced it with a new silicon. total number of surgeries? 4 on the left boob, and 3 on the right. she cant be relieved because she never know when she'll get an infection again. i think she should just go sue her plastic surgeon. Leaking implants?
fake will always be fake

the moral of the story? stay away from plastic surgery! its certainly no fun, and its just making u FAKE. personally i feel that plastic surgery is OK if its reconstructive surgery. 'Modern' mom nowadays give their daughters boobs implants and double eyelid surgeries as their birthday present. Dear Miss Britnney spears says she might be going for plastic surgery soon to restore what she used to look like. if u want to be fit and have that kick-ass body, go to the gym, work out and drink more papaya milk juice! My mom always tell me to be glad with what God has blessed us with, and be proud of what we have. so maybe my ass is smaller then your's or maybe my bra size is smaller. so what? im proud with what i have, im confident in my own skin, im not self-consious, and i ROCK and KICK ASS in my own skin!

remember, platic sugery might giv u a leaking boob and infection! when u think about plastic surgery, just think of what micheal jackson have turned into!

i sing like an sngle but look like a chipmunk!

hugs n kisses!
p/s: all this is my personal opinions, if i am to offend nyone, SORRY in advance!

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