Saturday, November 17, 2007

i got robbed, while i was sleeping!!!


so friends, pls dont call my handphone for now, coz dicuri hse phone is still working ^^
i'll be using the same number when i get a backup phone k..

i woke up this morning feeling weird, that the flower pot on the mantle was down on the table beside the window, and the netting covering the window was pushed aside. coz everynight i sleep with the windows wide open but the netting closed to keep away the mosquitos. i couldn't find my dear handphone when i woke up so i called using the house phone but there was no ringing, only the cold voice of the operator computer person. feeling something amiss, i went to look around in my room. then, i peeked out of the window only to see there was handprints and footprints on the wall!! OMG SOME FREAKING GUY CLIMBED INTO MY ROOM!!!! he took the phone, and i think only the phone. the scary thing was i was sleeping right beside the phone! luckily, and i thank my lucky stars that i wasnt kidnapped by the guy or raped or killed or something. THANK GOD THANK MY GUAN YIN MA!!! i went to bed at 4.30 am, so the guy must have been watchin the house closely. he must have came in at about 5 or 6 am, quietly and carefully. coz i didnt not hear anything at all!!!.. i was sleeping, dead as a log ><>

i was feeling lucky n cool until my mum came home. when i told her, she got all paranoid on me, also in disbelief. she was so shocked and was like, "OHH MY GOOOOD, DONT JOKE WITH ME" * gasp * well her freaky reaction kinda make me scared a little. from now on, im not to sleep in my room alone, or at all. i shall be invading my parents room or bro' s room *nyehahahahahahh*. i've checked around, the theif seem to have only taken my handphone, maybe he couldnt climb into the house, its not easy.err.. my handphone was strategically placed beside the widely opened window. i'd take some pictures of the scene of the crime for u , but i cant find the 2 cameras anywhere! possibly the idiot of a theif took it.

on the bright side, my phone is stolen, but maybe i can get a new one?? ( lol im trying to be optimistic here!!! ) the pictures in my phone are all saved into my comp, so its ok.. contact numbers are missing, but i'll collect it slowly... on the bright side, im not hurt, and house is not ransacked, everything is in place. hmm, maybe this time my grandpa and dad will actually install some safety security measures to prevent this from happening again. they always denied the face that things like this will happen to us. besides that, i really learned how lucky i am... and no, im not chosen for NS! whee~~~

the funny thing is, we always think things like this (robberies, kidnapped, rape cases) will only happen to someone else. but, remember, to a stranger, we ARE someone else. i've always thought that my famiy was lucky, living in a big house but have never met with any robbers, until now. again, luckily it was only a small time theif. so my dear friends, this all are things that might happen to u, becareful and take preventive measures ok!!!

im ok im ok im ok i felt scared im afraid im in disbelief im not sad im not angry im thankful im happy im relieved im shocked im happy im safe im ok!

hug n kisses

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