Sunday, November 25, 2007

up,running, and ready for calling ^^

got my replacement phone today! yes guys, im back in action! all of yous that miss me, u guys can call, sms, and kacau me all u want coz my sim card is in the phone, and the phone is ready for action! phone number is still the same DiGi number, so no worries. BUT, i need all yous to SMS or call me and tell me who you are coz i want to save UR number in my phone book, gotta rebuild my contact list! unfortunately, like always after a little while i might not be answering ur sms'es coz u know, i dont reload much. but that DOESN'T mean u can stop contacting me!!!

well, the unlucky phone that got stolen was my sony K510i, which has been with me for only 1 year +. the lucky phone that got to stay with me for hopefully many many many years to come is the sony W700i (i think so). just the phone that i have been eyeing for like forever! the best part, it came with free portable speakers, memory card, and u know stuffs like screen protector, cover, pouch.... its kinda intimidating for me coz well, its the most expensive phone that i've ever owned so far. Heck, its the most expensive thing in my room! i have to heartfully thank my GRANPA, MOM, BRO n MYSELF lol! well, mum forced me to ask my bro to sponser, and even though i didnt want to ask at first, i gave in to mum. i asked for if he could sponser, and he gave me like 90 bucks! what good bro!! *heart him* and i forked out 100 bucks myself, so basically my already empty wallet, is even more emptier. *i really need a job soon! * but, i feel guilty couse well. buying a phone equals lotsa money, and even though it may seem that im loaded, money is actually somewhat of an issue in my family.

the salesman at the phone center asked my mum how old am i. when i told him i was 17, he said he thought that i was 15. -.-''' is that a good thing? this just proves my earlier post (sien sien dei) right! me no looky like 17. me childish!! when i saw the salesman, i noticed he looked familiar, but i just brush it of. turns out, he was my friends boyfriend! and he said also 'nowonder u look so familiar!" what a SMALL world eh?

on another note, not having a phone for this past week or two made me realise, phone or no phone, its really no difference to me! its nice not to have phone actually. maybe its because i dont make outgoing calls much because i dont really reload. but its a good thing, coz as my mum said, i didnt feel lost without the phone, i was not "controlled" by the phone, im not controlled my materialistic stuff!! ohhyea~

thats all for now, gotta go cram some bio knowledge into my skull!

*hugs n kisses*

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