Sunday, November 18, 2007

i got robbed, while i was sleeping!!! part 2

read part 1, the post below first!

imagine u sleeping soundly and sweetly at 5 in the morning, happily in slumberland. 2 man outside was fast n quiet, they cut a large whole at the metal fence, allowing himself into the house, he see's ur window wide open on the 2nd floor, and by hook or by crook, he managed to climb himself up to the window. he slides open the netting covering the window. his hands on the window still, he pushed himself up, and through the window, entering ur room. and all the time u, were sound asleep. looking around in the dark, he saws ur phone strategically placed beside the window, he grabs it and claims it his own. then, he carefully open the room door, going into the other part of the house. outside the room on the table, there was ur 2 camera, conviniently placed in a paper bag. easy n light enough to carry, the theif takes it. nothing else can be taken, and he leaves. he opens ur room door again, sees u sleeping, and climb out the window. out the 2nd floor, down to the first floow, out the fence, and happily with ur belonging in ur hands, he leaves the scene of the crime.

i know i've said all of this before, but i cant believe all this happened to me while i was sleeping. none of us can still get over this incident. mom cant stop talking about it, grandpa is worried, he went down at 10 something, looking at the big hole in the fence, trying to figure out how the stupid idiotic theif managed to climb into my room. big bro said "dont sleep here tonight, sleep in my room or mom's room" ; 2nd bro said "luckily he didnt take a knife to ur throat", and yes, i thank my lucky shining stars. dad? dad is aloof enough to not care.

a psychic ( friends of aunt) said that it was 2 men, dark skinned, and they will come back.
grandpa said he was up awake at 4 to 6 am, watchin football. he saw shadows of a man walking past his room through the gap under the door, but he thought it was my brothers. well NOW we know its a theif. total things missing : my phone, my 2 camera and my sense of security.
my cameraa.... T.T "sim tia" .. phone missing is ok, but BOTH my my camera?

i cant stop thinking about this, and what might happened if i woke up. i keep looking out of the window when i study.. i keep imagining the fark figure climbing in.. i keep looking into my room n feel weird -.-''' ..hopefully nothing happens tonight ( touchwood). the handprints, footprints are still there. the big hole in the fence is still a big hole in the fence.

what has the world turned into when u cant even feel safe sleeping in ur own room at night.

*hugs n kisses*


Eva said...

hmm... pray for u le. lol. i understand how u feel coz i live in a bloody big and quiet hse oso. scary.. dunno when my turn to meet the same case. lol. touchwood!

thanks God u're safe.


happyPig~ said...

not funny u better not met wei. make sure u gus lock up and dont sleep with the windows open ..... !!! lol
and thanks for caring!!