Sunday, November 11, 2007

sien sien dei

2 more days!! woohooO!!!!!!
SPM !!!!!

went to tuition today, obviously with my friends.. DUH
after the tuition, we were all waiting downstairs at the alleyway for our ride home. While chatting with my friends, i realised something....
i looked at them, the way they walk dress speak, and then i look at myself, and i see big BIG differences.
while they are all so matured, so lady-like , with their high heels and purse and compact powder in their handbags, im still that girl who was playing ultraman few weeks ago. so childlike T.T
while they are trying on their push-up bra, i seem contented with my training bra *hahaz*
while they are embracing the metamorphosis to pre-adulthood, i seem stuck at my pre-teen years with my piggys, dollies and what not.
HAIZZ... i feel like so childish, so like a kid... they are so mature!! Mature enough when i walk beside them, ppl ask "is that your kid sister" why lik that?

its a good thing right?
tell me its a good thing..
nola.. im still growing wei!! lol
everybody grow at their own pace.. i guess im just a late bloomer ^^
luckily im tall enough nyehehehe

still, its a good thing right !?

Hugs n Kisses

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