Saturday, October 13, 2007

my philosophy

my philosophy - okay, so I'm not a philosopher, but plain Jane's ( or chu's) are allowed to have beliefs and philosophies right? so, HEAR ME OUT!!!

I've always advised this to my juniors, and have shared it with some of my its your turn. This is how it goes(this is based on a true story) :

there's this very close friend of mine,I'll cal him C. He longs to be a singer, it is his dream, his aspiration, his cita-cita.The first time he told me about his little "secret" of becoming the next super-star, I was a little doubtful, it seemed unrealistic, and i actually advised him that its not really a good idea (i regret that). But later on, i started to see the passion in him. C started to enrolled for singing lessons, he started to sing in class all the time (n we enjoyed that), and he made great effort to improve himself. It was like seeing a SUPERSTAR in the making. One day, during assembly the school announced that there will be a State Level singing & dancing competition. this was C's big break, to gain invaluable experience, to have his first taste in as a singer and his first step to make it big. However, the only problem was C has very little confidence in him. He was indecisive whether to enter the competition and has actually decided not to as he felt that he was not up to it. But at last, after days and weeks of persuasion, and opening his eyes to all the endless possibilities, i managed to change his mind. Bravely, C hand in the application form, worked really hard, and yes! He entered the Finals!!! During the judgement day, hundreds of students shouted his name "C! C!!!!'', supporting their future idol. When C step out and bolted out his song perfectly, he felt a rush of satisfaction, a warm tingling sensation through his whole body. It felt so good, he felt so proud that it didn't matter that he won or not. He was just so glad that he has tried his best. His hard work paid off, C and his singing partner won the SECOND PRIZE for their outstanding performance! now, C is quite well-known in our school as a good singer and he as been invited to join a band ( in school) .From then on, he has been invited to sing at numerous school functions. The following day, C said that if he were ever to achieve his dreams someday, he will repay me^^hehe.. it felt so good to hear him thank me. He thanked me for convincing him to join the competition, he was glad the grabbed the chance, and he knows that he will not have many other chances like this. He grabbed the one and only chance, and it opened a lot of possibilities to him. Now he is one step closer to achieving his ambition.

what im trying to convey here is in life, we will be given many many MANY different opportunities and chances be it a competition, a chance to become a school representative, or a shot to become the (insert AJK post here) of a club.These chances are rare and come once in a blue moon, so why hesitate ? Grab the Chance, say YES (to chances that benefit u only, pls don say yes to drugs o smoke or gambling etc etc) and embrace life and everything that is given to you to the fullest. C could have let that chance fly away, and wasted all that wonderful experience and moments but he didnt. Instead he gave himself magical memories that will last a lifetime. So, when u are facing a decision to accept a chance or not, if possible, grab that opportunity. You may not be very good at it, and u may not achieve the results u wished for, but if u tried ur best u will be grateful that you have done it, you''ll gain experiences that no one can take away from u. There is no downside to this, all u get is good stuffs, i mean, who dont want extra experiences in their resume? u can say that U HAVE DONE IT!

hhaha... i hope u get what i'm saying....

let me put it this way,
i was given the chance to become a school representative for the school Bola Jaring team.I grabbed the chance, i trained for the competition, i had lots of fun and i represented the school to compete with other teams in the Pertandingan Bola Jaring MSSD. Okay, so we sucked, and we lost badly (we dont have a coach at all, the blind lead the blind!!) BUT i definitely gained experience. Hey, now i can say that I'VE DONE THIS and i have an extra sijil penghargaan!! yay!! its will look good on my extra-curriculum vitae for college ^^ this made my life in school even more greater! and to think i could have loss this all when i almost declined the offer to join the team.

still dont get it?

well, another example would be me and Rumah E, which is one of the House for Sports Day. For my past 4 years in Kwang Hua, i spent my sports day with my kadet buddies and the nearest i gone to experiencing the event is from a far (kaki bukit). i have never really been a sports person ( but i do marathons ^^ n dancing^^) and have never been involved in sports day work before. One faithful Monday morning, during the AGM for Rumah E, i was suddenly chosen to be the Vice President for Rumah E. (i was really shocked and still hav no idea y i was chosen). i grabbed this chance to be involved in this once a year thing, and during the 3 months of working my butt off for rumah E, all i can say i was, it was one of the MOST WONDERFUL MOMENTS of my life. It made form 5 life got even sweeter~sweet! It cannot be described- the fun i had as the VP of rumah E. So we didnt win, but I tried my best, and im proud to say that WE R THE CHAMPION for the PERBARISAN competition!! woohoo!!!! hehe! hey, and for the first time in my life, i actually joined a sport event - high jump. i took the chance to do it, i almost wasted this opportunity, i practiced hard, didnt win, but for an armature ( newbie/first timer), fifth place is not bad~ IM PROUD!

err..dear friends, do u see when i mean? SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITY coz u have nothing to lose, i did, and i have gain A LOT from it : sweet memories, great experiences, NEW FRIENDSSSSSSSS etc etc... the only thing i lost is emm.... nothing!? but sometimes, you have to earn the chances for urself and prove that u are worth it. Don waste the chances that u can have, it will enrich ur life, and make life so sweet..~ it worked for me, and im sure it will work for u. Hey, the skies' the limit!

so, why hesitate?

Life is wonderful if u let it to be wonderful~

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