Saturday, October 13, 2007

rollercoaster ride

i know the first few post are suppose to be all rainbows and smile and sweet cotton candy, but screw it, these has not been a few weeks, n i kinda started on a wrong (crappy) time to start a blog.

huhuhu... its the last FEW FEW days of school.. n my emotions are like a rollercoaster ride... ever since trial started, everything kinda like.. shifted. i don't know, it just feels weird, different, but everything is still the same.....i feel so confused. u know why? simply because people change.
my friends, they are very dear to me, and i love them alot, but one by one every one is going through this metamorphosis into someone that i don't know. Some changed for the better, some became someone i don't know, and some are just, different.

for the friends that changed into hardworking little bees, i salute you, and i beg you.. PLEASE SPREAD SOME OF THE HARDWORKING JUJU ON ME!! i desperately need it.

for the friends that are still floating like i am, kinda aimless n moodless n dunno what the hell they are doing, im praying for u T.T omitofat

and for the dear friends, that feels like you suddenly feel into a deep,deep narrow well and can't find the light, im here for you. i wanna help u, i so so so so so really want to help, but i just feel so helpless. congratulations, you managed to find ways to push me out when i haven't even step in, and u managed to find ways to break my heart even when u and i havent say anything. To this friend, i actually wanna thank you, because you are the only when that noticed that i feel kind of alienated and dipulaukan in class but, Wind changes. it hurts my heart to see u like that and i don't know how else i can help you. When will you see the light? when will you notice that life is actually bright? haiz... its just that i wanna help you, so will u let me help you?there is no such thing as "useless" or "too late" or stuff like that. yes, ShIT DOES HAPPENS but shit can be flushed down the freakin toilet. it all depends on what U want and how U want it to happen. u have to work for it, and a little DOES goes a long long way. the problems is, u wont even try, u wont know what will happen till u try it. Okay, so u try, and it doesnt work out, so what? at least you know you've tried ur best n u'll have nothing to be depreseed about.u have a future, and n amazing life, don waste it. u managed to get this far u will be able to go furthur. i have no idea how to motivate u,and it seems like there's no way to influence you. so i guess the only thing i can do for now is to be there for u, as a friend.. u have to know that u have friends supporting you, and caring for you, we are worried. we may not show, but we feel ur pain. i may not be able to guide you to ur future, but at least i'll be there when u make ur decision. that is, if u want me to be there.....

at the end of this rollercoaster life marathon, a beautiful ending awaits us. it is up to us to finish the marathon, to be strong n have the willpower to sweat it out. No one said it was going to be easy, and no one said it was going to be fun, everyone said that it is going to be a crappy ride, but the end results feel absolutely GREAT, and it is all worth the pain n the tears! So, dear friends, put on ur shoes, tighten ur shoelace, n hang on tight, the marathon is about to get even more wilder!!!!

be brave. "geng4 mei2 hao3 de4 zai4 qian2 tu2 deng2 ni3"...

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