Sunday, October 21, 2007

T-minues 10,9,8,7,6...

the annoying clock hanging above me is ticking away
the old grandfather clock below is calling
still early
i feel time is slipping out of the palm of my hand
like a bar of soap,
as if my palms have been greased.
i cant hold on much longer,
time wont stop.
ohh how i wish earth would stop spinning.

counting down the days.
8 days
8 days left.
-Oct 31st 2007-
8 more days until i officially put a full stop to my career as a secondary school student.
hmm, "i USED to study at Kwang Hua," its going to sound weird,
"Ex-kwang hurian" guess i got to try to get used to it.
i dont know which is scarier :
1.Performance for graduation
2.actually PARTING 5 great years of secondary life and the whole bunch of gila friend
3.the looming SPM.. its buzzing around my head like a annoying fly.. BUZZ OFF!
4. stepping into a whole new unfamiliar teritory of life as an adult.. colleges,courses,money,results,life,love ARGH!!!
which is scarier? u decide
so many things to do n read n play of course..but sooooo little time.. but why am i still so free? something's wrong here... i just hope the freakin lazy bug inside of me would just die already.. BUZZ OFF will you!

22 days.
-Nov 12 2007-
-insert censored word here-
22 more days (yes i actually counted it, just for u !)
22 days till one of the most important exams and yet im here bloggging at 3.58 am
when u see all people around you studying like there is no tomorrow,and u are here blogging at 3.58am, you know something is wrong. there's actually nothing much to say about this shitty feeling, its kinda like a pinch of chilli, some bittergourd, a dash of confusion, one teacup of nausea, 1ml of denial, a little confusion according to your taste, chop a few anger and pek chekness, a pinch of salt ,nothingness, and the must have MSG, put all in a blender, mix it all together and BAM!!!!! u have what i call "butterflies in stomach" ala carte. yummy, no?

22 + 23 = 45
45 days
-Dec 4th 2007-
cant wait? or CANT WAIT? ahh... here comes the days of bye bye exams, hello freedom... will i be able to shout "MERDEKA!!!!!!!!!!!" ? hmm... who knows but my mum? is it really freedom as what they all say? what about money n colleges n life deciding decisions??? all the responsibilities soon to come... but then.. no more blue pinafore no more SEJERAH TINGKATAN 5 and no more crappy objective papers! no more studying till 5 in the morning!! woohoo!!! whatever it may be, sweet or pedas, all i can say is.. its our honeymoon time and its vacation time! cant wait!

huhuhu.. counting down the days....i feel like an Angkasawan. strapped firmly to the seat looking at the ceiling.waiting for lift off. will the blood rush to my brain when the spaceship blasts off turn out to be an exhilarating ride, or will it end it with me blowing my brains out when it crash and burn? hmm.. this must be how our dear angkasawan Dr.whatchamacalit must have felt. it seems like im still floating in space.... seems like 8 days is like 8 minutes but 22 days is like an eternity.. spm? really, who gives a damn? we're only studying it to please parents and the panel at the "scholarship board". arent we all?

this moment, life seems to be all "haiz" and 'haiiiiiiiizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"

and now, time for a conforting quote by mua~
"graduation is not the end, but the begining to a brand new start" -mei

tick tock tick tock
the annoying clock above me is still ticking away
*dreams of bashing it with ACME extra large hammer* *bash!bash!bash*
4.34 am
the cocks n hens at the back are calling! (ya i rare chickens)
oops! gotta go!

H n' G (hugs n kisses)
moo~ (today im a cow)

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