Saturday, October 13, 2007

virgin no more

welcome to my blog!!! a world of my own where i can crap abt all the stuff tht is happening no matter good or bad.... this feels kinda weird coz im not that person who talks abt stuffs that are bothering her. but, if i don start this blog, i think i will go crazy one day. hey, plus its a great way to improve my english skills.... i think !?
its time for the virgin to step out, n start her first blog, hence, blog virgin no more i am!! yay!!

if u were wondering, why "the eternal optimist" i'll tell you why..
this is such a precious name given to me, by a dear friend who has gone to meet the angels, it just summarizes me so perfectly - the eternal optimist. i don't know why, but i am always just oh so "half-glass full".. im just always happy ^^ and things no matter how bad, always seems to be GREAT! im just so happy to be blessed
with this happy genes!! but, even optimists have insects that bug them~ its bcoz im human

so, a short intro to my blog, keep tuning in to for more poems (yes i write poems n i finally have a place to post!! yay~), more stories, more photo's(noob photographer, i have some wonderful photos in my album @ go take a look!), n of course, more insight on the wonderful colours of my beautiful life~ ^^

ahh... i feel better alreay ^^
see u soon!

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Eva said...

hey beehong~
welcome to blogspot and be one of the blogger. u will be addicted to blog. trust me. so do i. cause, write is indeed easier than talk. write is easier than find a person to throw out everythin. jiayou jiayou~