Tuesday, January 26, 2010

45 minutes late

on the first day of training/work.

thanks to the rain that stormed and blew like nobody's business just when i wanted to leave excitedly. They rained on my parade, literally. Funny enough it only rained in Klang, roads after the second toll was dry. I'm starting to believe that Klang IS a country by itself. not.

First day of training as an 8TEAM member was pretty fun! we go to hang out spots and play with the crowd giving away freebies! It seemed like a pretty easy task y'know, just hanging out and having fun with random strangers.. the trainers made it look super easy and super fun. but when it was us trainee's turn to take the stage, wooh! lemme tell you, keeping a mixed (and confused) crowd that does not know anything about what you are promoting interested in you is not an easy job!

and it doesn't help when your trainer is so scary strict it makes you tension. being 45 mins late doesnt help with the goof first impression either.

i underestimated the job. but, it was only my first try kan? I'm bound to only get better! :)

for now its 7 days unpaid training, and they'll either hire or fire me at the end of training. Very ala The Apprentice eh?

unpaid training. i payed 11 bucks for parking. 3 for toll. (lemme be chinese for a moment!)

i believe, this is going to be so worth it.

its been a long day so good night people! I have 5 year old kids waiting for my nurturing tomorrow morning!

lets dream lullabyes shall we?


Julian Cheong said...

So you're finally admitting it, Klang IS a country by itself. Tsk tsk, you're just in denial. Can predict that you've got an itch to get into a fiery debate about it which I'm gonna win and you're not, so might as well just surrender and submit to my humble statement that I am going to reiterate once more just to rub salt into your wounds: Klang IS a country by itself. End of story.

p.s. Klang people are weird too. :p

happy.pig said...

JULIAN CHEONG u werent meant to read that post!! AHAHAHHA what are u doing here babe go back to your own country. but you cant can you!? coz no matter how weird you think klang people are (we're not you're the weird one!) or no matter how much you think klang is an alien (ITS SOOO NOT we';re just way too cooler), you just love to come back down and chill in klang coz you secretly love klang and the people alot you just wont admit it!

im awesomer, and so is klang. accept it and suck it up yo

end of story.